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Beautiful Churches, Vibrant Spaniards

May 3, 2013 by Luann Edwards

She stays up late at night, smoking at an outdoor tapas bar, drinking a crisp white Rioja and talking about the government. She is what makes Spain vibrant – the typical MadrileƱa. She has counterparts everywhere – people who enjoy life by the moment; who are not usually in a hurry and so they do not miss anything. It’s the people that I love about Spain.

A Spaniard in Spain - The Lovely Elena

A Spaniard in Spain – The Lovely Elena


For the record, the photo above is my friend Elena. I don’t think she smokes, but she embodies all of the wonderful qualities of a vibrant Spaniard.


In the last blog post, we talked about Catholic Spain. As a lapsed Catholic, I find its ubiquity in the Iberian peninsula familiar and comforting – in the same way that malls in other cities are comforting to me in the US. (For the record, I may have felt differently if I was a resident of Spain instead of an occasional interloper.) What I especially loved was the combination of the people in Spain, and how they celebrated that religion. How they built their churches – and, in the case of the Sagrada Familia, that they still are.


I’d intended to dedicate this post to the religious ferias – or festivals – across Spain during this time of year. My only experience was to spend four rushed days in Barcelona just before Christmas. It wasn’t officially a festival, but I enjoyed unseasonably warm weather as I walked just outside of La Rambla, shopping for interesting Christmas ornaments. I couldn’t get enough of the atmosphere – of the people enjoying the festive decorations and the upbeat feeling that many have during the season. Sadly, work brought me to Spain the most often, and we typically avoided travel during the very holidays I would have liked to experience.

Street Performer on La Rambla

Street Performer on La Rambla


Without my own experience to draw from, I had hoped to find plenty of blog posts that I could share but there are not as many as I’d thought. Instead, perhaps you might enjoy some photos of the beautiful churches I’ve encountered in my travels throughout Spain.


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