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Welcome to the Plaza Mayor

March 21, 2013 by Luann Edwards

Segovia’s Aqueduct


For those who love Spain and everything about it, welcome to iblogspain:  the bloggers’ Plaza Mayor.

The heart of any city or town, the plaza mayor is the place to meet, exchange ideas, talk, and get to know your your new friends. Think of iblogspain as a communidad of Iberophiles you can join from anywhere in the world.


What is the iblogspain community?

The community manager of iblogspain will try to find everything about Spain that has been shared in the blogosphere and  feature it here. That way, you can indulge everything in one place.

Each week, you’ll find something new to see, read, taste and explore about Spain on a particular topic. Please stay a while; read the blogs, study the stories behind the photos, and talk about all of it with people who share your passion about paellatorredores, cochinillo, and all of the millions of little things that make España a part of the soul.

 As a member of the community, we hope you will share as much as you can find. Show us your own work! Tell us about your hopes and dreams. Provide your tips about travel in Spain.  (Just please don’t try to sell us anything – this is a commerce-free blog community.)

There is so much available work about Spain that it will take forever to exhaust all of the resources that we could access on the Web and share. We hope that you will continue to be inspired to write and photograph and read about Spain that this community will live on indefinitely.

If nothing else, the members of the community at iblogspain.com will have succeeded if one person is inspired to travel to Spain because of something shared on this site.


 Who is a member of the community?

You! You are a member of this community and you are afforded all of the rights that comes with membership. If you arrived at iblogspain, it’s because you are an Iberophile and you have something in common with all of us here. There aren’t a lot of responsibilities for members of the community. You can be as active as you’d like – reading, writing, commenting, sharing, visiting, bookmarking. The only requirement is that your contribution has to somehow relate to Spain.

You can be a traveler; a blogger; someone who reads blogs; an ex-pat who lives in Spain or once has; a photographer; a journalist. You can be anyone. As long as you find something on this site that resonates with you – something that speaks to your soul – you are welcome.


What is an Iberophile?

England has Anglophiles; people who love England. France have Francophiles – those who love France. There are Wikipedia articles about these terms – one word that says so much more. With a country as amazing as Spain, why isn’t there a word to describe those of us who are enamored with the Castillian (or Catalán, or Basque …) way of life? How could we convey this in one word that says it all? On the iblogspain site, we’re all Iberophiles. An Iberophile spends as much time at a tapas bar in Barcelona as she would visiting the Sagrada Familia. An Iberophile knows the difference between a paella and a fideua; he knows that Spanish is a culture but castellano is a language. An Iberophile may not like the bullfight, but she understands why it’s woven into the fabric of the culture. Finally, an Iberophile would spend a day in Madrid instead of a week in Paris.


How do I contribute?

Each week, we’ll add a post about a topic, and we’ll ask a related question of the community. If you’re inspired to share something related to that topic, please add it to the comments section of the site. If you have a blog that you’d like featured, place the link in the comments section and we’ll add it to the post. The goal of iblogspain.com is to provide you with a community – please make yourself at home.



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