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Melancholia and Boston

April 16, 2013 by Luann Edwards

In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to warn you that I have a serious case of melancholy today.


As an occasional/aspirational runner who lives one hour outside of Boston, I am especially sickened and angry about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I’m heartbroken for those who died, and for those who have been changed forever. I’m sad about the fact that no one will experience this event again without thinking about what happened today. I hate that my second home city is now linked with sadness and tragedy. A shadow is cast on one of the best things Beantown has to offer, and I want to know who is responsible for it. Lord help them when the people of Boston finds them.


It’s hard not to think about the parallels between  this event, and the 11th March Atocha bombing. It feels eerie to think that I had just mentioned it in last week’s post about taking the train to Còrdoba. Each time I board a train in Atocha – although, to be fair, it wasn’t the Renfre that was bombed – I think of that fateful day. I offer up a little prayer for those who lost their lives doing the routine, unremarkable act of commuting to their office or class at the local university. And while we don’t know who is responsible for Boston yet, it doesn’t make it any more logical or easier to understand.


And today, I mourn for another group of people; those who will be forever changed by a senseless act while experiencing something that should have been uplifting, positive, and and inspirational. When I go out for a run on a crisp spring morning, I’ll say a little prayer for those who only wanted to achieve a dream that many cannot: to run Boston. And for those who came to cheer them on.


And today, I echo the words of our president: “Boston is a tough and resilient town. So are its people.”



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